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Shower Screen Installation and Glass Replacement & Wardrobe Systems

Welcome to our local Shower Screen Installation & Replacement Service. If you’re renovating a bathroom or building a new one, we have a range of shower screens available.

For a stylish modern look that’s easy to keep clean, consider a semi-frameless glass shower screen. They look great and maintenance is easy. Glass shower and bath enclosures add aesthetic appeal to your bathroom, increasing the value of your home and helping your bathroom to feel more open and luxurious

Our repair service covers all brands for glass replacement, repair of rollers, handles and hinges.

Finally, custom made and made to measure glass shower screens are all part of the Glass Line service.

Options include:

  • Frameless
  • Semi-Frameless
  • Fully Framed
  • Custom

Benefits of Glass Shower Screens

Along with giving your bathroom a high-end feel, deciding to add a glass shower or bath screen to your Brisbane home gives you a number of great advantages:

  • Frameless Glass Shower Screens are Structurally Sound. They are made of thicker, stronger glass that will last for years. Investing in a glass shower screen now means you won’t need to think about a new shower for many years.
  • Glass Shower Screens Offer Great Versatility for Design Options. Custom glass shower screens can be made to fit any size or shape within your bathroom.
  • Return on Investment. If you are remodeling with a future sale in mind, opting for a glass shower screens is a great choice that can increase the value of your sale.
  • Illusion of More Space. Traditional shower screens block sight lines and make a bathroom feel smaller. With a glass shower screens, your whole bathroom will feel brighter and more spacious.

If you are ready to chat about your glass shower or bath screen installation, contact us today. Glass Line serves clients throughout the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast regions.

Framed and Semi-Frameless Shower Screen Installation & Repair in Brisbane

Framed and Semi-Frameless screens offer the most economic option for your shower recess.

Available in pivot or sliding doors, we use laminated safety glass or 6mm toughened glass. All panels and doors are fully enclosed by aluminium.

Unlike the frameless or streamline options there is an aluminium column where the side shower panel meets the front of the screen.

Pivot doors only open outwards not both ways like the frameless or streamline options.

There are serveral choices of colour for anodised or powder coated aluminium frames.

Semi-Frameless Shower Screen
Semi-Frameless Shower Screen
Fully Framed Shower Screen
Fully Framed Shower Screen

Bath Screens

To save space in the bathroom or simply to provide a stylish, minimalistic effect, many people opt to combine a shower and a bath in one handy unit.

A shower-bath combination is a common lifestyle situation.

With our swing panel designs you don’t have to compromise the look of your bathroom.
The frameless panel can swing into and out of the bath, saving space and fitting very easily into your bathroom specifications.

Swing Bath Panel
Swing Bath Panel

Frameless Shower Screen Installation & Repair in Brisbane

The Frameless Shower Screen is the pinnacle of luxury and stylish design.

Available also as a panel or above bath swing, our stunning frameless screens will bring the finishing touch to any contemporary bathroom.

Our fittings are quality chrome plated brass and are available in Chrome, Satin, Black and Gold finish. We offer bevelled, flat and round hinges and wall brackets.

Frameless Shower Screen
Frameless Shower Screen

Wardrobe Systems

The wardrobe systems we offer are sleek designs developed and manufactured in Australia from premium materials.

Our wardrobe systems feature a grip stile handle which is incorporated in the frame and runs vertically along the entire edge of the wardrobe door.

Our wardrobe profiles are available in a wide range of finishes and colours and can be adapted to a multitude of different infill panels from 4mm glass up to 10 mm plasterboard.

The wheels and guides used for our wardrobe systems are of exceptional quality made from hard wearing nylon mounted on a ball bearing axle.

Wardrobe System
Wardrobe System

The Glass Line Promise

Rest assured, all our products are guaranteed, our workmanship is fully insured and guaranteed, and we comply with Australian standards.

Our skilled and friendly fitters are WH&S trained and provide a prompt, courteous and tidy service.

Call Glass Line today on 0450 656 044 for a free, no-obligation quote and discover professional Shower Screen Installation & Repair from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast.